Customizing Notebook Display Layout#

By default, calling show() will display your visualization tool inline in your notebook, that is the tool will show underneath the notebook cell it was called from:

from jdaviz import Imviz

imviz = Imviz()

The height of the application in the notebook can be changed by passing an integer specifying the height in pixels to the height argument of show, for example:

You can additionally specify the location with the loc argument. For example, inline can be specified manually with:'inline')

Detached Popout#

Jdaviz can also be displayed in a detached window, separate from your working Jupyter interface.


Popups must be allowed in your browser to display properly.

The following shows jdaviz in a new popout window:'popout')

To manually specify the anchor location, append the anchor to popout, separated by a colon:'popout:window')

You can also popout to a new browser tab by specifying a tab anchor:'popout:tab')

Sidecar (Jupyter Lab)#

In Jupyter Lab, sidecar provides additional methods to customize where to show the viewer in your workspace. The following shows jdaviz in the default sidecar location, to the right of the notebook:'sidecar')

To manually specify the anchor location, append the anchor to sidecar, separated by a colon:'sidecar:right')

Other anchors include: split-right, split-left, split-top, split-bottom, tab-before, tab-after, right. An up-to-date list can be found at jupyterlab-sidecar.