Jdaviz is one tool that is part of STScI’s larger Data Analysis Tools Ecosystem.

Jdaviz is a package of astronomical data analysis visualization tools based on the Jupyter platform. These GUI-based tools link data visualization and interactive analysis. They are designed to work within a Jupyter notebook cell, as a standalone desktop application, or as embedded windows within a website – all with nearly-identical user interfaces.

jdaviz applications currently include tools for interactive visualization of spectroscopic data. SpecViz is a tool for visualization and quick-look analysis of 1D astronomical spectra. MOSViz is a visualization tool for many astronomical spectra, typically the output of a multi-object spectrograph (e.g., JWST NIRSpec), and includes viewers for 1D and 2D spectra as well as contextual information like on-sky views of the spectrograph slit. Cubeviz provides a view of spectroscopic data cubes (like those to be produced by JWST MIRI), along with 1D spectra extracted from the cube.

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