Import Data

Currently, data must be imported into Mosviz using the API in the Jupyter notebook. After initializing the app as explained in Using Mosviz in a Jupyter Notebook, you must generate three lists containing the filenames for the 1D spectra, 2D spectra, and images in your dataset. These three lists are taken as arguments to the Mosviz load_data method. An example is given below, where file_dir is a directory that contains all the files for the dataset to be loaded:

>>> from jdaviz import MosViz
>>> mosviz = MosViz()
>>> spectra_1d = []
>>> spectra_2d = []
>>> images = []
>>> for filename in glob("{}/*".format(file_dir)): 
>>>     if "x1d" in filename: 
>>>         spectra_1d.append(filename) 
>>>     elif "s2d" in filename: 
>>>         spectra_2d.append(filename) 
>>>     elif "fits" in filename: 
>>>         images.append(filename) 
>>>     mosviz.load_data(spectra_1d, spectra_2d, images) 

This example assumes that all 1D spectra have “x1d” in the filename, all 2D spectra have “s2d” in the filename, and any other FITS files in the directory are the corresponding images.