Exporting Data From Specviz2D#

2D Spectra#

Images in the 2D spectrum viewer can be exported as specutils.Spectrum1D objects into the notebook (replace “2D data” with the label of the desired data):

specviz2d.get_data(data_label="2D data")

1D Spectra#

Similarly, the 1D spectrum data objects can be exported into the notebook:

specviz2d.get_data(data_label='1D data')

An instance of Specviz can also be accessed, which exposes some helper methods from Specviz:


See also

Specviz: Export Data

Specviz documentation on exporting spectra.

Markers Table#

All mouseover information in the markers plugin can be exported to an astropy table by calling export_table() (see Accessing Plugin APIs).